How Much Should I Pay For Aeration Service?

lawn aeration

Aerate your lawn if it appears exhausted. Aerating your lawn allows air, water, and nutrients to reach the root zone. You won't have to pay for labor, but you will have to buy or rent an aerator. Costs range from $25 to several hundred dollars. Professional lawn aeration costs $15-$17 per thousand square feet.

A 5,000-square-foot lawn costs $75-85. The cost per quarter acre can be as high as $175. Aerate your lawn every two to three years.

Aerating a lawn costs $75 to $193, with a national average of $129. The cost is low compared to other yard upkeep costs like adding sprinklers or removing trees. The size of the lawn and the square footage it covers determine the cost of lawn aeration. Lawn aeration costs roughly $0.05 per square foot. The cost of lawn aeration varies greatly between communities.

Some landscapers provide flat fees for standard-sized yards, ranging from $75 to $193 on average. Aeration costs between $480 and $650 per acre, depending on the size of the yard. Rural lawn care services might be substantially less expensive than cost lawn care. Local taxes and business fees can change, affecting the final pricing. This can increase the cost of liquid aeration.

Combining fertilization and aeration reduces lawn maintenance costs. Dethatching is usually done before aeration. A whole tree removal might cost up to $1,300. Overseeding and aerating a 10,000 square foot lawn costs $200-$325 on average. The cost of lawn aeration varies depending on the method used.

It is the most expensive method of aerating the soil and ejecting it from the lawn. Spike aerators are simpler and less expensive than core aerators. No substantial equipment is needed for liquid aeration. Core aeration removes hard soil plugs and compost filters into the holes, enhancing air and water availability and strengthening soil structure. Aerating, dethatching, fertilizing, and other lawn management operations should be done routinely.

A professional lawn aerator can be rented for as little as $90 per day, depending on yard size. Find a Pro+ to get free lawn aeration estimates near you. How to Cut Lawn Aeration Costs. Ask the appropriate questions before selecting an aeration or lawn care business. Get multiple quotes. Arrange a bundle deal for lawn aeration and other services.

Some homeowners dislike the look of core plugs left on the lawn by most lawn care firms. Preparation for rapid growth, late spring or early fall. Double aeration is recommended for lawns with heavy clay soil.